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Initial Ascent

Ultra Light Backpack Frame

In May of 2016 we were introduced to Kyle Kinghorn, the owner of Citius Composites, to further explore the possibilities of developing a carbon fiber frame for ultra light hunting backpacks. Over the course of 21 months Kyle worked tirelessly to help us design a frame that was unmatched in the hunting community. We collaborated on 14 design changes, 4 mold redesigns, and countless failures until we came up with our current solution. I can honestly say that Kyle never gave up and worked with us hand in hand into the midnight hours on many occasions to develop a frame that has revolutionized the hunting community. Since the launch of this frame in Feb 2018, Kyle has been dedicated to making sure he meets our production schedule, often working weekends and nights in order to do so. This level of dedication is unmatched and has solidified our exclusive relationship with Citius Composites. He has invested as much as we have into this project, and we thank him for this. I would highly recommend Kyle and his organization to anyone who is in the market for world class design and production.


Joe Elliston


Initial Ascent, LLC

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